Last week I received an email from a good friend, expressing about the subject “Difficulties” and how important it is to accept that life has many; that when you do,  they can be the changing point in your life to make you who you can be in Him. I agreed with a lot of what she said and the scriptures that she brought up, but I felt impressed to immediately respond with a more focused light on the subject, one that goes deeper into how you can handle these problems and allow His Word to transform them.

We are two weeks into the New Year and God is surely in the midst – as well as people transitioning into new seasons of breakthrough and adversity. This is a revised version of the email that I responded to her with – I hope it blesses you!

We all know that life can certainly be difficult and can be even more so if we don’t think that it is going to be that way. We all know that some think that once you have received Christ as savior, then poof, everything is fixed. That is to a certain extent true, but we have to take it and own it, every day of our lives. The enemy knows this and will continue to do what he can to tear the kingdom down and discourage others from seeing the Light in the midst of darkness.

Problems: After accepting that they are in the midst of life – Oh, how so many can pile on when you expect it to be so and even when you don’t! What’s even more important to pin down is what do you now?

Do you just think that God will wave His “magic wand” – and poof they go away or will you put His Word to work and allow a peace to come over you – knowing that because you have put it in His hands, ALL is well? And then after that, keep believing it is so and thank Him for it? James 3:10,  says “Out of the same mouth comes blessing and cursing. My brothers, it is not right for these things to be so.” Let us not take these words so lightly, as these are powerful and wise words to remember every single day – in a world that is filled with problems and circumstances that seem so out of reach and unchangeable. No matter the size of the storm – nothing is too big – know and remember that if and when He calls you to walk upon the water, He is there waiting for you with His hand stretched out and ready to catch you, cover you and lift you up in His Love, Grace and Mercy. It is in the way we handle our problems that will be the cutting edge to distinguish our growth mentally and spiritually.  God has provided us with the greatest flash light of all – but if we never turn it on, it won’t work!

Something that God showed me last season, something that was so hard for me to grab a hold of was to LET GO AND LET GOD – CONTINUALLY.  I am still working on applying it every single day of my life in every area – I have learned that that is where He can do His best work. I encourage you to keep speaking life in your situations and circumstance, and seek His wisdom, and Peace will be there. Sometimes we allow our own wants and ideas to get in the way of just how to solve the problem, or allow Him to show us how. Remember, His ways are higher than our ways, so that is why He has guided us how to see His ways and be His ways. He needs us just as much as we need Him! We have to do what He can’t on this Earth. I firmly believe that there are many times in my life where I have found myself in a difficult situation; I can assure you – being frantic has never helped me, and I do know that if He did just wave that “magic wand” that we think He will do, then no, we will not learn anything for the next circumstance. I  believe that God allows certain circumstances in our life to arise because we allow it. He does not cause them, for only good, loving and life-filled things comes from our Heavenly Father. This is why it is important to seek His Face and not just His Hand in the midst of it all, because we are in the world but not of  it – we need to Let Him in this world because problems do live here, each and every day. But thank GOD that ALL things are possible to those who believe through Christ Jesus!

I believe great things can happen in this blog; In Matthew 18:20, our Father said When two or more are gathered together, in my NAME, and I will be there! What is a difficult time in your life where you have allowed God to reign and not the circumstance – or where it took you a while to let go and let God. I would love to hear your testimonies! Be Blessed and feel free to ask me any questions.

Every Morning…


What do we know about every morning? We know that the sun will rise and be visible to all who have their eyes open – yes there are days where the sun is blocked from its full glory by some clouds, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t come out right? Exactly… sometimes we fail to see God’s glory because it is being blocked by some clouds in our life. Sometimes we put those clouds there and sometimes we just allow them to hover over instead of reaching up and out for His face. Lamentations 3:21:-23 tells you to have hope and promises us that His mercies are new every single morning, and may not be consumed and that His compassion will never fail us. So remember, every morning, as the sun rises, His love and mercies are afresh and anew, waiting to see your face and hear your voice, waiting for you to say Good Morning Father, I am here today ready for you. He will come and scoop you up and cover you with His wings, giving you the strength and wisdom you need for that day. Something else I just thought of – think about how soft, gentle and beautiful the sunrise is – it gets brighter and brighter as the day continues. Instead of just, BOOM!, here is the light – now wake up!!! No, it comes progressively so and ever so gentle, and if you catch the first early spark of it, you will be amazed how it is different each and every single day, almost more beautiful than the next. That is exactly how His love, mercy and grace are towards us .He knows that we go through different things every day and that we need a different setting everyday to help us adjust and then conquer in His Name. Man, what an awesome and creative God we have! I hope this post brightened up your day and was a solid reminder of how awesome and big His love is for us! Also, the picture was taken by yours truly on an early morning when I used to have to work a 9-5.

Let Your Mess Become a Message

{Inspired from Joyce Meyer’s devotional, “A New Day, A New You, Let Your Mess Become a Message”}
2 Corinthians 3:18

whomeLet’s Face it : When there is a big mess in our lives, we never really want to look at us – but we are usually really quick to pointing the finger at someone else or some excuse as to why this did or didn’t happen. It’s not easy to see where or how the mess really came about, but it’s important to acknowledge it and own it – own the fact that it is you. I know what you’re probably thinking, “What?? You’re saying there’s something wrong with me – what kind of inspirational post is this?!”… But quite the contrary my friends. This feeling and action is beyond normal, but this unfortunately can become a crutch to our growth and joy in life. I am speaking from experience on SO many levels here that are fresh and recent, things I wish that I didn’t have to admit, but admitting and acknowledging them has helped me improve in those areas greater than I could have ever imaged, and it was all, and still is a daily process. I used to be very defensive of just about anything personal. My father and brother have been a great influence on how to think before I react in a lot of those situations. A lot of the time, I would think that if I did something wrong, it was because there is something wrong with me, or that they thought I was dumb or incapable –  but really they, God, were just trying to help me and show me that they think and believe the exact oppostie.

Once you see that, it makes a world of a difference on how you move forward in that area. What did we allow in our hearts, in our lives, to make this so? How long have we been living this way?

Don’t get me wrong, God will gladly and can easily clean up your mess but what good is it if you keep doing the same thing, over and over, and over again – and not learn anything? I tell my son all the time, if you make the mess you have to fix (clean) it. His number one response is, “But that’s going to take too long mom”, or “It’s too hard”. I usually am too quick to respond, ‘Well you should have thought of that before’. Now, I know that is not how God works, but I am dealing with a 6 year old boy that needs to learn how to do things on his own and to think before he does the same thing again and makes a bad habit out of this. One thing’s for sure – God has certainly reminded me about His Grace when it comes to my son and how I can teach him spiritual promises and life lessons in simple things, step by step. So I tell my son to clean the mess and I see how far he gets and then help him finish it off. I have been finding that he sometimes gets quite overwhelmed in the process and I tell him that he can have a break, and then go back to what he was doing, this seems to always help. I check on him from time to time to see how I can help or guide him. One thing that I have noticed is that the more organized the room is in it’s structure, the easier the clean up is and less overwhelmed he feels. My overall goal with my son is to not make him feel bad or incapable of keeping a clean room, but exactly the opposite. I want him to feel and know that he is very capable, and to that it is important to build that character in him. For him to know that it’s OK and that I will be right there the whole time, cheering him on and hoping he will grow from this process and handle things differently next time. That is exactly what God wants for us and how He feels about us! He created us and knows how we can be, He loves us and  in Hebrews 5:12-14 he tells us that He wants us to grow and not stay a child forever!We will always be His children, but how long will we allow ourselves to stay the same age forever?

ididntdoitIt’s funny how easy and quick it is to make a big mess and then how quickly it can seem like an never ending task to clean up. I absolutely feel that way when I let things get too far in my room/house/life, and when that does happen – and trust me it does – I have to clean and organize things one section, area or room at a time. Otherwise I will not do it right and will for sure feel overwhelmed, and do things half way and then give up until next time or pull the classic not knowing of where I put things because I did it just to do it. Do I ask for God’s help in this area? Absolutely! It’s because of His Grace and Mercy that I can and do! His Love is already readily available for us but He wants us to know that it is important to see is how did this happen??

Here is the Key Factor: God did not do this to us – not to teach us a lesson, not to make us a better person, not to make us see that we need Him in all things that we do. 100% no He was not the one to cause a mess in our lives. 100% yes we do need Him in our lives and He is our ultimate love and life source, but WE, us humans, are the ones that started it all. Yes, it is not always us that caused these things to happen in our lives, but when that is the case, we need to see that and not beat ourselves up about it. We always have choices in life, and we have been blessed to do so – to not live like a robot or a slave just because God “said so” – God wants us to know that we have freedom. That we can get to the point of listening to our hearts, to His voice and not our flesh, to get to the point where we say to ourselves, “Should I take out ALL these ‘toys’ right now, or just a little at a time?”, “Should I spend my money on this thing, or should I pay my bill?”, “Should I eat this fatty, sugar coated donut right now instead of a fruit or just a bite?”. The list goes on of what choices we can make every day to have an overall affect on something bigger.

Here’s the Kicker: How long have we been making these ill decisions in our lives to get to the point of a messy “house”? Things don’t just happen overnight – one room might – but not your life. It may feel that way, but usually it is definitely something that has been happening for a long time. And if this thing has been happening for a long time, what makes you think its going to be a quick fix? As we all know, quick fixes are really just temporary patches waiting to explode. But if we give it all to Him, and know and believe everyday that He is working on it and working on and in us to make quality decisions everyday, then we can start seeing the light – but we have the believe that light is there before we can even see it. We have to have faith that He can turn our mess into a message.

squeekycleanThis is where you start growing. Understanding and seeing where this all started, and again – I must stress – do not beat yourself up on this. That is not the God kind of love, the God that is on our side is gentle, loving, patient and caring. He is The All Mighty, All Knowing and All Loving parent that believes in us and wants us to see that we do need Him, and through Him great things will happen. And when we do “see” this – boy oh boy – get ready! Before you know it, you’re going to feel like Clean House from TLC came up in your life! You’re going to feel like you barely did any of the work, because you realized that you were not alone in this process and know that you are not alone in this process moving forward. So let your mess become your message – and not just for you – for others around you! It will be evident that God is there with you and that you have built your house on a solid Rock!

His Love Frees My Soul

Your Love Frees My SoulHis Love for us is limitless! So thankful for the family He has surrounded me with on so many levels, and Blessed beyond measure to use the creative spirt that He has gifted me! I truly love what I do and am fulfilled with each challenge that comes my way in this journey as an artist, but one thing is for sure… I couldn’t do this by myself , my Heavenly Daddy surely has carried me this whole time, catching me how ever many times I may fall or have fallen. We are not perfect and with His Grace and Mercy on our lives His Love frees us all – we just need to LET IT! I haven’t sketched anything at all in too long, and I am glad that my girl posted this quote on FB to inspire me to do so! Open your eyes and see what’s in front of you ❤

House of Prayer

House of Prayer

{ Matthew 21:13 – 22 }

My Fathers House Shall be Called a House of Prayer!

13 And Jesus said unto them, “It is written, my house call be called the house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves, 14 and the blind and the lame came to Him, and He healed them. 15 And the chief priest and scribes saw the wonderful things that He did, and the children crying in the temple, and saying Hosana to the Son of David; they were sore displeased. 16 And said unto him, “Hearest though what these say? And Jesus said unto them “Yea, have you never said, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings though has perfected praise?” 17 And Jesus left the scribes and went into the city of Bethany, and stayed overnight there. 18 Now in the morning, as He returned into the city, He was hungry. 19 And when He saw a gig tree in the way, He came to it and found nothing on it, just leaves and said to it, “Let no fruit grow on this from now on ever.” 20 And when the disciples saw it, they marveled saying ‘How soon is the fig tree withered away!!’ 21 Jesus answered them and said “Verily I say unto you, IF you have faith and doubt not, you shall not only do this to the fig tree, but also shall say to this mountain, Be thou removed and cast into the sea; it shall be done. 22 and all things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing you shall receive.

Notice that Jesus doesn’t say, if you have great faith, then you can move mountains and your prayers will be answered. Actually, the only measure that He compared faith to was  the example of a mustard seed (Mathew 17:20, KJM translation), which is the tiniest of seeds (always produces after its kind and can never cross-generate). He simply states, if you believe (not having unbelief) and doubt not.

mustard-seedHere’s a thought: Doesn’t it seem odd that you could believe in something but still doubt – doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron? But this is clearly something that us as humans, have struggled with for generations upon generations.

For example: You can believe that your child is amazing and the best thing at any and everything ever known to man, but as time passes with what you see in this world, the struggles and the hardships, you can easily grow to have doubt that they will make it far in life and be successful, right – or for you to even really believe that they just might not need you all their life? This is not something we want to admit sometimes (actually a lot), but if any fear is near, doubt will certainly be there and take over – and it will.

How Do We Get Rid of That Fear?

{ believe – prayer – ask – faith – believe – trust – embrace ultimate love }

{ LOVE } How do you get a grasp of that kind of love, a love so strong that it will shed light to cast out the darkness around you and others? You get it from the ultimate Source and remind yourself of that Love every single day. Walk in love where ever you go and don’t let darkness get a hold of you! Darkness will be here for a long time, so until then, keep shining that flash light of the Word. When you BELIEVE, the results are more powerful then you could have ever imagined.

What Does a House Consist of?

{ family – unity – growth – teaching – giving – provision – love – living space – respect – comfort – place you go to be you – place you go to get away – privacy – gatherings – celebration – rest }

In Matthew 21, Jesus tells us how important prayer is. So much so that He calls the church to be a House of Prayer.

It is interesting to see what a house means to me, and to what I think it means to most, when you connect it with prayer.

WelcomeMatFlowersGod yearns for an intimate, loving and life-filled time with you in prayer, in the Body, in your house and in your heart. A lot of times what goes on in your house stays in your house unless you invite your neighbor into your world, either physically or just mentally allowing them to be there and know whats going on. That is what God wants from us, He not only wants us to invite Him in and be a guest, but to be a family member – but not just any family member – the head of the household. He desires to have constant communication with us – in fact He needs this from us; without it, it is difficult for Him to do much because quite frankly, He is not allowed to ( Psalm 115:16 ). He can not lie and can not take over the lease on Earth that is in our names. But if we give it to Him, He can still be our organizer, our Healer, our Planner, our Daddy, our Friend, our Confidant, our Rock and our Refuge. He can be all of those things, but needs us to allow Him into our house and to let Him know we want Him there – that he is welcome – to acknowledge that we need Him and want to be readily available for whatever He needs us for as well as whatever He has planned for us.

080510DivisionOfLabor03It is no mystery that one huge important factor to any household  – relationship – partnership is communication with one another. There needs to be partnership and teamwork – respect and understanding of what goes on in that house and what belongs to whom, who is in charge of this and that. Yes, those boundaries get crossed, and when they do, the end result is usually chaos, fighting, bitterness and being unproductive.  But if communication is there, the fire goes out a lot quicker, and it could help resolve a “next time”, or just help with a better understanding of each others personal space and belongings and way of living and loving. No one likes not being heard or understood, the same goes for God.

Something that I am always talking to my son about is stop looking at what I didn’t say yes to and what someone else’ mom or dad said yes to. I ask him to look at what I have said yes to, and the fact that he has a lot of good around you; a safe home, food, love, clothes, toys, some more toys … you get my point. I know what my son needs and what he can handle right now and what he can not. An important factor in this is that I talk about it with him; he may not always understand why at the time, but over time it becomes clear that he understands and respects the fact that I didn’t just pull, “Because I said so” on him. Yes I do that sometimes, but I think it’s important to communicate with your children what you have planned for them and why you do certain things for them and why you want things from them in the same respect. As they grow, your relationship grows with them and you can learn to talk about any and everything. There are plenty of things that I get for my son that he doesn’t necessarily need, but if he has taken care of what I have already given him, I have the funds to do so, it’s good for him and his age and the space to hold it, then I don’t see why not! God wants this relationship with us! In 1 Peter 5:2, it  tells us how He longs for us to take care of what He has given us right here, right now, so He can keep growing us and Blessing us and others in ways we could never dream of or imagine!  He is readily available, willing and waiting – but without prayer as our connection source, it’s almost as if going to the drive through at the bank, and telling the teller what you want /need (what belongs to you) but there is no speaker.

miscommunicationYou both acknowledge one another, but you might as well be speaking another language because you can not hear one another. Do we only go to Him when it’s urgent – when we are in a rush and need it fast and have no other resort?

Remember, He is the Daddy of the Household. The one who puts food on the table, pays the light bill, buys you clothes, sits down and talks with you when you messed up, but also gives you a big hug and says “It’s OK my little one, you are growing and I forgive you, this is why I am here”. He knows what will hurt you, harm you, what will be best for you and what you can handle now and what you can handle and conquer later.

When I was growing up, my dad was definitely a hands on dad and certainly a talker, communication was key in our household. When my brother, sister and I had to have a “talk”, it wasn’t just a little talk and pointing of the finger and saying how bad we were or how much we were in trouble – we had what was in fact called a “meeting”, in the same setting and room just about every time. imagesThese meetings seemed absolutely dreadful to us when we were younger, but as we grew up, we actually enjoyed having “meetings” and actually called together some of our own. We saw the purpose, the love and the wisdom behind what our dad continually worked on to instill in us and teach us. When you have your ears open and ready to receive from your caretaker, your provider, your life giver – it makes a world of difference.

Now, imagine what it would be like for the Kingdom to get a hold of the beauty and power of prayer with God and each other, for us to really understand the power of agreement (Matthew 18:19-20)! Think of it like a big family reunion, with grandma or grandpa making the time to hear each of you, speaking with you and giving you gems of wisdom, love and advice! Tell you how much they love you, are proud of you, and believe in you – that they will be there whenever you need any and everything. That is how our God is – when connected in prayer, and when it is done in a family, it is that much stronger and works that much more powerful!